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Finding Great Talent

Businesses are always looking for talent and it’s no wonder: a company is only as good as the people behind it.

Finding them is not easy however, especially the type that can help transform a business from good to great. Recruiting them is even more challenging because they’re either already employed or they’re happy pursuing freelance work.

With that being said, finding and recruiting the right people is not impossible.

CLEAR has a better than average track record of finding, recuiting, and retaining talented people because of certain principles we go by.

We set the bar high and don’t compromise

We admit it: we set a high standard for the people we hire and we’re not just talking about educational attainment, work experience, and a given skill set. We also take into consideration a candidates’ personality, how well they work with others, and their attitude towards work. We’re determined to find the right fit and we leave no stone unturned to find them.

We created our own network and communities

CLEAR invested time and effort in building an online community with values and culture similar to ours. We keep our audience engaged with content that help transform them into the ideal CLEAR team member. When a requirement comes up, we simply tap into this pre-existing pool of candidates where it’s easier to shortlist qualified and talented people.

We encourage our team to get better

Finding the right talent is only the first step. Once a candidate joins CLEAR we provide them with every opportunity for training and advancement. Not only that but we also regularly conduct performance review and work with the candidate to make sure that he’s performing at his optimal best and achieving all the goals he set for himself and ours as well.

We have an awesome company culture

More than the competitive compensation and the benefits, most of our staff members join CLEAR because of the unique company culture we’ve built - one where innovation and initiative are valued and nurtured. We have one of the lowest turn over rates in the Philippine BPO industry and many who do leave opt to return when they’re ready to work again.

We had years of experience finding, hiring, and retaining the right kind of talent here in the Philippines. We don’t take a cookie cutter approach where one size fits all. We hire specifically for the skills required for your business, making sure that you get exactly what you need.

If you’re looking for top-notch talent for your business, contact CLEAR to discuss your outsourcing needs. Email us at info@clearcorpsolutions.com. If you’re in Australia, you can reach us at 1300 300 269.